Healthy Eating at John Paul Academy

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The new Fruit Barra launched at John Paul Academy in Summerston got off the ground thanks to pupils of feeder primary St Bane’s.

The initiative was set up by Health Development Officer Jane Kelly in partnership with Milton Food Project and with the active involvement of pupils at John Paul’s. Said Jane: ‘The pupils worked hard to design a leaflet which they delivered to the local community to advertise the Barra. And they developed a pre-order service for staff.’

But on the first Tuesday the Fruit Barra was open for business in the secondary school, the pupils were noticeable by their absence.

Primary pupils from St Bane’s, however, stepped in and did a roaring trade selling the fruit and vegetables to Academy staff and visitors. ‘I was nervous at first,’ said Lucy Gavin (11) who with Abigail Finnigan (11) represented their Pupils’ Council.

A variety of organisations had set up information stalls alongside the Fruit Barra. Their workers ended up doing a lot of the buying and having a rare chance to network among themselves.

Pupils who do help run the Fruit Barra every Tuesday will improve their numeracy and literacy skills. The experience is also seen as a way to prepare for work by learning about stock control, cash handling and customer service.

Along with Milton Food Project, Jane has helped John Paul pupils learn about healthy eating and nutrition as part of their school curriculum. ‘We hope to run cookery classes for parents in the future,’ she said.

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