The LOCAL NEWS SOUTH is a free, independent newspaper distributed every month in the South Side of Glasgow, Scotland.

It was set up in 1997 as the LOCAL NEWS for SOUTHSIDERS because there was no public forum to discuss and debate local issues and concerns in the area. There is still a need for that independent public forum, especially in a climate where executive committees rule, and democracy and freedom of speech are curtailed.

It was followed in 2007 with the launch of the LOCAL NEWS for WESTENDERS when there was a gap in the market on that side of the city. Subsequently, as papers folded in the East End of Glasgow, the LOCAL NEWS altered its title to LOCAL NEWS northWESTeast and extended its outreach and distribution to cover the West, North and East End communities.

The stories are written by a small team of dedicated journalists most of whom work part-time. The papers are sustained by advertising revenue – no public funding of any kind – and value their journalistic integrity.

If you have an issue that needs to be aired in the LOCAL NEWS, please contact us!

Both LOCAL NEWS titles are published, monthly, by YAM Publications Ltd, 73 Robertson Street, Glasgow G2 8QD, UK. The papers are distributed into many hundred, busy, public spots where people know to pick up their free title.

Phone 0141 226 4898
Fax 0141 226 4708
Email newsdesk@localnewsglasgow.co.uk

Web www.localnewsglasgow.co.uk