Fundraising for Hyndland’s Old Station Park

November 6, 2008 by  
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The Sharif brothers Mohammed, Ibrahim and Omar bust a moveFriends of Old Station Park have entertaining friends. The West End campaign to claim back space into community use in Hyndland, held a fundraiser which had top line performers.

Top of the bill was Christine Bovill whose amazing voice put such emotion into numbers from Elvis to Ella Fitzgerald  and from Edith Piaf to her own compositions that some members of the audience were moved to tears.

And an inspiring second was Keith Jack who made it to No 2 in the search for Joseph. Now he’s playing pantomime in Aberdeen and had his own fan club on the night demanding his autograph and dancing to his songs. A seasoned musician remarked his rendition of a Van Morrison number was better than Van’s!

He’s just finished his album tour and has dedicated his song ‘If an Angel Falls from Heaven’ to Children in Need.

But in many ways the stars of the show in the Novar Drive community hall, were the three Sharif brothers. Their hip hop dancing had the audience mesmerized. Ibrahim (19) Mohammed (18) and Omar (16) told the LOCAL NEWS, ‘It’s in our blood. Our father was a dancer.’ Self taught, they teach the art of these street contortions at Barmulloch Community Centre on Thursdays and can be contacted via email:

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