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The happy lads at Scottish Rocks are really pleased with the vehicles which Motorpoint will be providing now that the Mount Vernon company is a major sponsor of the professional basketball team.

New strips and eight new cars from Motorpoint are the result of the latest sponsorship deal struck by the Scottish Rocks professional basketball team.

The cars, valued at over £120,000, have the rocks’ logo on them and include Vauxhall Astras, Vectras, ZAVIRA/SAVIRA and Ford Fiestas.

The new strips feature joint sponsorships between Motorpoint and returning sponsor, Stewart Asset Management Group (SAMG).

The deal will serve the team for the current British Basketball League season which starts this month. (Oct 08) Motorpoint located in Mount Vernon, Glasgow, five years ago and is the only Scottish branch of the company. The busy place has customers travelling from all over Scotland. Last year they bought 85,000 cars.

Steve Wright, Public Relations Manager at Motorpoint said: ‘We are really pleased to support this up-and-coming professional basketball team. We have similarities in trying to become the best we can be and to become much bigger which is what the Rocks are also trying to do. It makes sense for us to support them and to inspire them to succeed.’

Sarah Bell, Senior Commercial Manager at the Rocks said: ‘This is a very exciting partnership for us. Motorpoint are an ambitious company and we are thrilled to be with them as they continue to grow and evolve.’

Rob Yanders, Captain and Point Guard said: ‘Everybody in the team is delighted with these new cars and strips. We feel really inspired by this and we are hopeful of winning this season.’

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