UCS 40th anniversary celebrated in film

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Films of the

UCS Work-in

Mitchell Theatre,


21-23 March 2012

Tickets from www.glasgowconcerthalls.com

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Wednesday 21 March, 1.00pm

Films: UCS 1 and UCS: 40th Anniversary

Panel: Ann Guedes, Susan Morrison, Dr Chik Collins. Tickets £5

Thursday 22 March 7.30pm

Films: UCS 1 and UCS: 40th Anniversary

Panel: Ann Guedes, Mike Kirby (STUC President), Pat Rafferty (UNITE). Tickets £6

Friday 23 March 7.30pm

Film: Class Struggle: Film from the Clyde

Panel: Ann Guedes, David Hayman. Tickets £7.50


After each showing the films will be followed by a Q&A with special guest, film-maker, Ann

Guedes, plus an invited panel.

Ann Guedes: Independent cinema in Britain is unthinkable without the achievements of the innovative film collective Cinema Action, which was set up in the late 1960s and crystallised around a core of three cultural dynamos: Ann Guedes, Gustav Lamche and Eduardo Guedes.

Ann has made 15 documentary films, many with International Film Festival Awards, Berlin, London, Madrid, Portugal, Leipzig and the jury prize at Moscow Film Festival.

Her 90-minute feature documentary So That You Can Live was selected for the opening day of Channel 4. Ann’s feature films include: Rocinante (1986), starring John Hurt and Ian Dury, which won 6 international film awards; Bearskin (1989), starring Tom Waits and Ian Dury; and Talk of Angels (1998).

Friday’s magical combination of beer, curry, football, comedy and politics

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Beer, curry, football and comedy looks like a heaven-sent combination and there will be plenty of all of them at the home of the STUC and the Stand on Friday April 30.
Stand Up Against Racism is the latest awareness campaign from Show Racism The Red Card (SRTRC) and will provide comedians with a platform for their skills and art to reach adults with an anti-racist and anti-fascist message.
Partners in the event include Scottish Ethical Events, the Co-op and Bombay Blues. Performers Des Clarke, Phil Differ, Paul Sinha, Susan Morrison and Saj Chaudhry will be there on the night to fuel the laughter and mock the hard-of-thinking.
Tommy Breslin, SRTRC Education Coordinator, said: ‘Stand Up Against Racism is an excellent way of bringing together adults to celebrate multi-culturalism and point out just how ridiculous racism is.’
Comedy writer and sometime football pundit Phil Differ said: ‘I love comedy, I love football, I love curry, I hate racism. Doing this gig was a no brainer.’
The evening at 333 Woodlands Road starts at 7pm with beer and curry. The comedy starts at 8pm. Tickets are by donation – £10 minimum – and are available at www.fairpley.com or call Fair Pley on 0141 418 0562.