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Europe is taking legal action against the UK Government because levels of air pollution in major cities – including Glasgow – are not at an agreed low level despite extra time to get there. The lower levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) should have been reached in 2008. Now the UK faces fines of up to £300m. The cost in human terms is that 29,000 people die earlier than they should because of the adverse health conditions brought on by air pollution.  Hear no evil.

Flood waters in the South of England have devastated vast areas of the land, ruined thousands of homes and brought out politicians to view the watery graves of millions of dreams.  See no evil.

If this analogy were to work, the next item should  illustrate – Speak no evil. However, when the leaders of the land cheerfully use Hear and See for convenient sound bites, you can be sure the Speak bit will utilized that way too.

In fact, they spoke out with intent – evil or otherwise is for voters to decide.  Westminster’s three monkeys showed they were really blood brothers. Despite differing  party colours they each said Scotland couldn’t use Sterling on independence. Tory Chancellor George Osborne said Scotland would be ‘walking away’ from the currency. Shadow Chancellor Labour’s Ed Balls said it would be ‘bad for Scotland’ to keep the pound and the Bank of England.  And Lib Dem’s Danny Alexander speaking as Chief Secretary to the Treasury said his party couldn’t agree to such a proposition.

At some point the traffic induced air pollution will have to be addressed. Almost immediately, money was found to prevent further flooding and to make homes habitable when the rain stops. But we’ll have to wait till Thursday 18 September to see if the combined wisdom of  three of the UK’s leaders will put a stop to the Scottish Government’s plans.





Glasgow Rocks add firepower as Wolves come prowling

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Aerial prowess from Michael Crowell

Aerial prowess from Michael Crowell

Glasgow Rocks have added firepower to their line-up with the arrival of Michael Crowell.



The six-feet-seven-inch forward is likely to join Sterling Davis’s squad for the 29 November encounter with Worcester Wolves at Kelvin Hall.

The arrival of the US/German player is timely, as Davis will sit out a one-match ban while his team take on the West Midlands outfit.

Crowell, who graduated from Division 1 Idaho University has played in Spain and Germany. He spent last season with Weissenhorn of the Basketball-Bundesliga.

Player/coach Davis said: ‘Michael will give us a little more depth offensively, especially with his ability to knock down the three-point shot in bunches.

‘He’s got a good size to him, especially for his position, which is always a plus for any coach because it causes such huge match-up problems when time to defend, but also works to our advantage defensively to be able to have a bigger defender on the perimeter.’

He added: ‘It’s hard to believe that a guy with his talent is still out there and has been throughout the course of the summer. I think he will definitely be an asset to what we are trying to accomplish here.’