Silence of the Leaders

December 16, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Tomorrow, Saturday 17 December, the new leader of the Scottish Labour Party will be announced. The three contenders are Tom Harris MP, Johann Lamont MSP and Ken Macintosh MSP. Throughout the campaign this website has received not one release from any of the three or from the Scottish Labour Party itself. As an independent, responsible, news website of long standing, a request for information and to be kept in touch with progress was made at the beginning of the contest. Each person did respond at that time but not one appears to have any mechanism in place to speak to anyone outside their party or to spread word about what they are doing or planning. Tom can be found if you tweet or choose to go on to his website. Johann’s website restricts what information can be viewed. And Ken’s page to ‘sign up’ for information can’t be found and seems to have been last updated in September.

All of this assumes someone has the online means to find out about these politicians. It is also dependent on the curious person making the effort to seek out the news of each candidate.

This lack of outward communication from three senior politicians would suggest that whoever gets the job is not seriously interested in telling anyone outside the party what they are doing. Maybe they have nothing of substance to tell. Is that not the reason why the Labour Party did so badly at the Scottish Parliament elections?