Chequing out Yorkhill

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Yorkhill Foundation's Gemma receives the Lambhill Residents' cheque

Yorkhill Foundation's Gemma receives the Lambhill Residents' cheque

Lambhill Care home residents and staff pictured here, recently handed over a cheque for £150 to the Sick Children’s Hospital in Yorkhill.
They raised the money from a Christmas fun draw in the Kinning Park care home and got matched funding from Lambhill owners, Sam and Sunita Poddar. But they couldn’t deliver it till now because of the snow and ice.
‘Everyone was happy to do this for the children,’ said Syd Duman, the Activities Manager. ‘And the night before we went to Yorkhill, resident Margaret Dillon knitted a little jacket for a premature baby. She does a lot of knitting. Activities like that and the fun draw, keep our residents young at heart.’
Said Gemma Porter of the Yorkhill Foundation: “ QUOTE TO COME.”
Included in the picture are Lambhill residents Hugh Murray (in wheelchair), Margaret Dillon (standing in navy suit) and Isa Murray (in wheelchair) Isa and Hugh are not related. Staff include Tommy Donegan, George Grey, Julie Allan, Iain Ballantyne, Tracy Show and Lilly Pushpam. Yorkhill Foundation’s Gemma is in the centre holding the cheque.

Yoga health plan is working

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Swami Ji demonstrates some of his yoga exercises to children at his welcome reception.

Swami Ji demonstrates some of his yoga exercises to children at his welcome reception.

A ten year plan to improve the health of people in Scotland, got another boost with the recent visit to Glasgow of Swami Ramdev Ji, a world renowned yoga and health guru.
He met some of the schoolchildren who are being taught his form of Patanjali yoga which is the development of deep breathing exercises.
In an exclusive interview with the LOCAL NEWS, the revered teacher – who has a daily satellite television following of billions of people around the world-  said: ‘Children are the future of healthy families, a healthy society and a healthy nation. Through practising yoga, they will benefit in their own personal lives and that will benefit society and the world where they are citizens.’
He continued: ‘We want to save our children from drugs, disease and violence – particularly in Scotland. Yoga can control these things. People who practise yoga will never commit suicide – they don’t get stressed or depressed. If our children learn yoga early they will naturally help others and by doing that they help develop a more caring society.’
His Scottish based supporters, Glasgow business leaders, Sam and Sunita Poddar, have gifted the Wee Cumbrae island off Largs to his Trust foundation. They train the yoga teachers who give their time voluntarily to teaching the deep breathing techniques, expounded by Swami Ji. In this way the Poddar’s ten year plan to improve health in Scotland, is progressing.

Said the Indian guru: ‘In the first year 100 yoga teachers were trained. Now we have ten times that number. And the yoga is being taught in 35 primary schools in the Glasgow area.’

One of the Scottish teachers is Rachel Carr who is a primary school teacher in the city’s East End. She told the LOCAL NEWS: ‘Once they got used to the idea of doing these yoga exercises every day, the concentration and behaviour of the children in my class,  improved noticeably. There is much less stress and fighting in the classroom and the playground. Now they really enjoy that time and so do I!’ She runs an out-of-school yoga class once a week for other pupils who want to learn the breathing exercises.

At the reception given for Swami Ji in a newly created yoga class function room and community venue in Kinning Park,  a mother of two, Vandana Bajpai, gave a telling testimony to the benefits of his style of yoga.  Said the 34-year-old Glasgow resident: ‘I had a difficult time having my first baby who is now eight years old. When I became pregnant again, I was advised to try yoga so I practised it for half an hour each day. The result was amazing. The birth was painless, it was over very quickly and my son who is now one year old, is very fit and healthy.’ A thyroid condition she previously had, has also gone.

Arti Poddar, a daughter of Mr and Mrs Poddar, who runs an award winning Nature & Herbs business at Milnpark Trading Estate in Lambhill Quadrant, Kinning Park, G41, has dedicated a large function room within her business unit to yoga. ‘We will hold regular, free yoga classes here,’ she said. ‘It was a great honour to welcome Swami Ji here.’

The entrance to the business unit was bedecked in tartan and had various Hindu religious and celebration symbols on display to welcome Swami Ramdev Ji who, with colleague Acharya Balkrishna Ji promotes Yog (a) and the science of holistic healing called Ayurved which is rooted in ancient Indian knowledge.  The two highly respected men have co-founded the Patanjali Yog Peet Trust which is now recognised world wide. Scotland, through the Poddar family, is benefitting from the modern promotion of this ancient knowledge and yog(a) exercises via the Trust.