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Another Glasgow landmark bites the dust – the Red Road flats are gone! Well…almost! Some glitch left two blocks with some of the structure still upright but seriously askew.  Things were done safely and there were no reports of anyone harmed. But, unexpectedly, follow-up demolition will have to be done. Many local residents living within the fall-out (exclusion) zone were decanted from their homes from early morning till after 6pm on Sunday 11 October to ensure their safety during the demolition process. The glitch delayed their return home by about one hour. Glasgow Housing Association – GHA – duly apologised.

Consultations with the local community to decide what the space should be used for, have been under way for many, many months.  Some of those involved in the process are disillusioned: ‘They are not listening,’ they’ve said of the GHA representatives who have been facilitating the discussions.

It would be a shame if that is true.  With two years to go before the site of the demolished flats can be used for anything, there is ample time to get the plan right. Dreams can come true. Collective dreaming can produce ideas of  what could work. Local knowledge and experience should be respected for understanding what DOES NOT work.  Corporate clout and community dreams should merge into something suitable for all.

And if there is any glitch in that process,  the stakeholders should all call a special confab to iron it out – quickly – just in the way the demolition glitch will be sorted.




Residents’ to quiz Network Rail on Queen Street Station plans

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 Network Rail intends to redevelop Queen Street Station.  Because of concerns expressed by local residents and surrounding businesses, a Network Rail presentation will take place in Glasgow City Chambers on Tuesday 15 April at 7 pm.  This will be hosted by the Merchant City and  Trongate Community Council.
Said Gerald Hirst, the Community Council Treasurer: ‘This promises to be an interesting event. The proposal

impacts on our built environment. There are possible temporary effects on vehicular and pedestrian circulation during the period. Network Rail are seeking input from and dialogue with, affected residents.’

Picket of new store planned by local residents

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A picket of a new Tesco Express in Great Western Road will be held at 10am on Tuesday 10 December 2013 – the day it opens its doors for the first time.

The local campaigners, who ‘Say No to Tesco’, have already amassed hundreds of signatures for a petition to the Scottish Parliament to stop the proliferation of such ‘convenience’ stores by multinationals.

Said Ellie Harrison, one of the campaigners:’ It feels important to show that the local community is not happy this store is opening against our wishes. The company is already sending vouchers to local residents to win people over. They are also giving away £500 to a local community group. This is obviously a sweetener in response to our campaign. But we will not be bought out! We want people to come on Tuesday to spread the message ‘Support Local Business,’ instead of these multinationals.’

A 15 minute mini-radio documentary can be listened to here: https://soundcloud.com/saynototescogla/say-no-to-tesco-the-campaign 

The campaigners expect to be told next week when the Scottish Parliament will hear their petition, should it be accepted by the Petitions Committee. The petition asks for Scotland wide action to stop the destruction of High Streets by the proliferation of multinationals.