Hear to Help launched in Glasgow

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Delia Henry,left, from RNID joined Nicola Sturgeon and staff from the Co-Operative Group to launch 'Hear to Help'

Delia Henry,left, from RNID joined Nicola Sturgeon and staff from the Co-Operative Group to launch 'Hear to Help'

A pioneering new service for the deaf community in Glasgow was launched in October, aimed at supporting people and helping them adjust to the reality of depending on hearing aids.

‘Hear to Help’ was officially launched by The Royal Institute for Deaf People (RNID) on Friday 22 October and will help deaf people maintain hearing equipment and make sure those who depend on NHS hearing aids are well integrated with friends, family and work colleagues.

To achieve this, RNID will be running drop-in sessions across the city taken by trained volunteers. At Linthouse Housing Association on Friday 22 staff from RNID gave an example of the great work they do with hearing aid equipment and Delia Henry, RNID Director for Scotland, explained a little of what ‘Hear to Help’ will offer:

Said Delia:’Getting used to a hearing aid can be difficult and takes time. Our committed team of volunteers is looking forward to running community drop-in sessions and making home visits to build the confidence of hearing aid users. It’s amazing to see the tremendous impact a hearing aid can have in transforming a person’s ability to hear and live a full and active life.’

Nicola Sturgeon was at Linthouse to see the new service launched and believes it will prove invaluable. Said Nicola: ‘I wish everyone involved with Hear to Help well and am delighted that a number of drop- in sessions will be operating in my constituency.

‘Hearing loss can create barriers for people and leave them feeling isolated, a project like Hear to Help will breakdown those barriers and make life better for hearing aid users.’

The launch of ‘Hear to Help’ comes after the Co-Operative Group raised £3.7 million so that RNID could expand its services throughout the Glasgow region. The service is also being funded by the Scottish Government.

Think this service could help you or someone you know? Visit: www.rnid.org.uk/HearToHelp and find out when and where the drop-in sessions will be.