Australia supports Scottish human rights campaign

November 18, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

A campaign started in Glasgow to highlight Human Rights issues in The Gambia, is taking off internationally. In communication with the Australian Government, the campaigners were encouraged by the strength of support from that country. They were told that Australia has already called on The Gambia to amend legislation which infringes freedom of expression in accordance with its international human rights obligations. Australia has also called for The Gambia to make sure that all detainees are properly charged and brought to trial without delay or released. In addition Australia is pressing for an independent body to investigate allegations of ill-treatment, torture and extra-judicial executions within The Gambia. This corresponds with what the Campaigners believe is happening in the West African country which is best known in Scotland for its attractive sunshine holiday spots.

Said Campaign Chairman Arthur West: ‘We very much welcome the interest of the Australian Government in the situation in The Gambia and in particular the case of disappeared journalist Ebrima Manneh. This is an example of the level of international concern. We are proud that people in Scotland are raising awareness of what is happening in The Gambia.’ From the time it was founded about two years ago, the Campaign has called for an independent investigation into human rights abuses and has continued to ask the whereabouts of journalist Ebrima Manneh who disappeared after being taken into official custody and the shooting of journalist Deyda Hydara whose assailants have never been brought to book.