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It’s Burns Supper time again. Head for the haggis! But if you’ve a good imagination, you can make the Chinese dumplings with haggis filling or drum out haggis pakora. Both versions are tasty and allow fusion from different cuisines.

But it isn’t just the mixture of cooking styles that make the difference. It is the recognition that the wants and needs, failings and fancies as observed by genius poet Robert Burns, are common to all humanity.

A person of any nationality who has had to leave loved ones, can relate to ‘Ae fond kiss and then we sever.’  Every one who has loved another can understand the depth of feeling in ‘I will love thee, still – till a’ the seas gang dry.’ And when misfortune has calls, an individual of any background can relate to the field mouse’s plight when it is thrown out of its little nest by the cruel cutting edge of Burns’ plough.

So it is useful to remember Burns in whatever fashion suits us. And it is important to instil in future generations the same generosity of spirit and ‘pride of worth’  that the honest man – even if poor – can still hold to.  In today’s freewheeling, anything goes, take what you can society – the simple thought that a principled person  can hold their head up and challenge corruption, greed and pomposity is worth remembering. It just takes courage to action that thought.


Club enjoys Burns’ lunch

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The House for an Art Lover’s music room was full when Glasgow South Business Club President, Remo Pisaneschi welcomed members and guests to their annual Burns lunch on Tuesday 24 January.

Govan High School music students entertained the crowd as people assembled and their Heidie, Iain White, piped in the haggis. Club member, journalist Grace Franklin, gave her usual flamboyant performance of Burns’ Address to the Haggis. The toast to the Immortal Memory of the Bard was given in humorous fashion by Alan Murray who is modest about his knowledge of the poet. In the course of his illuminating and witty speech, he sang one of Burns’ songs and recited verses from several poems. An effective tour de force that was as entertaining as it was enlightening. Alan is a Govanite by birth and early education. He currently runs a new styled, multi uses, community centre in Maybole, Ayrshire.

Honorary Life Member, Frank Bendoris, thanked all the contributors. The Club, which meets monthly, has important guests signed up for future meetings, including Brian Souter and First Minister Alex Salmond. Full information from the Club’s website: www.glasgowsouthbusiness club.co.uk