Challenge to make mediaeval clothes

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People who enjoy sewing by hand sewing and can follow detailed instructions have the chance of some unique contractual work making mediaeval styled clothes and accessories. The garments are being designed and created to complement a book entitled Children from the Sky due to be published in May.

Written by Glasgow based writer and astronomer, Duncan Lunan, it concerns the mediaeval mystery of the sudden appearance of two green children dressed in strange clothes and speaking in an unknown language in a village in England. Now Duncan and his wife Linda with their Children from the Sky (CFTS) team, are developing promotional materials with some exciting ideas on how to tell the fascinating story.

For more information on the story and Duncan’s theories on what might have happened, check the website: For information on the hand sewing project contact Duncan or Linda or the CFTS team by email: or landline: 0141 221 7658.

Green for go with Green Children

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Writer Duncan (left) and publisher Sean shake after signing the book deal.

A medieval mystery surrounding green children who appeared suddenly in a community, will be revealed by Scots writer Duncan Lunan in his book to be published in the spring.

He signed with publisher Mutus Liber of Edinburgh this week for his

title ‘Children of the Sky’. Said Glasgow based writer and astronomer Duncan: ‘I’ve been working on this story for 18 years so the book signing is not an instant thrill – more of a steady growing pleasure – like a good malt!’  Since he was in the Bon Accord pub in North Street at the time for the book signing party, he knew what he was talking about.

The story is around 12th century records – which he’s actually handled – which tell of  green children suddenly arriving in a village in East Anglia. Astronomer Duncan has long held the theory that the children were transported to Earth from another planet in error by a malfunctioning matter transmitter. It is his exploration of this theory that is expounded in his new book.

In addition, he and his wife Linda recently visited East Anglia where an American company filmed his re-enactment of his researches in the area for a National Geographic television programme. ‘This should be shown about the time  the book is published,’ said Duncan.

Mutus Liber (Silent Book) publisher Sean Martin, was delighted to sign up Duncan’s work. ‘Personally, I’ve had a long-standing interest in unexplained events,’ said Sean who is based in Edinburgh. ‘The power of mystery and the cultural and psychological elements in promoting mystery are enchanting. Duncan’s Green Children story shows a more imaginative relationship with the environment which was perhaps experienced in the past but to a great extent has been lost today.’  He added: ‘I am very very pleased to sign up Duncan’s book. He has been researching it constantly for 18 years and I am amazed at his dedication to this story.’

An established author himself, Sean said Duncan had helped a lot of people get published throughout the years. ‘In a sense, he’s reaping what he sowed because of his help to the science fiction community throughout the years. But his book is based on solid research,’ said Sean.

Duncan was scheduled to be speaking on BBC Radio Scotland about 5.55 on  Friday 16 September about the newly discovered double star planet.