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It’s as simple as ABC  – Austerity, Budget, Conservative Catastrophe.  Tories have a fixation that the lower echelons of society are eroding their power and wealth. How these ‘scroungers’ can be kept at bay is their excuse for austerity. Hence the budget which takes from the poor to give to the rich. But it will end in catastrophe for the Party which has allowed power to go to its head.  Because the ordinary man and woman is not easily fooled.

So many more people have been politicised since the referendum, that the art of asking questions and seeking detailed answers online, in groups and from sources other than the trite Party statements, is now a universal, daily sport. And it is spreading rapidly to English voters becoming close to cricket and tennis in popularity.

While Westminster MPs can elect to say prayers every morning, they haven’t a prayer as long as they deny the basic tenets of every major religion. Most faiths call on their followers to ‘feed the hungry’ and  ‘care for the widow.’

Instead this Government urges people to ‘go to the food bank’ and ‘get a job.’

But already the hungry are starting to grow their own food. And the widows are renting out their spare rooms to refugees to meet the bedroom tax.

The returns at Holyrood and then the local government elections will prove whether C is Conservative or Catastrophe. Right now, it looks as if they could be one and the same thing.




Free lipreading class available

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Deaf Connections in Norfolk Street, Gorbals, offers free lipreading classes to deafened and hard of hearing adults. Additional classes are held in Shettleston as well as in Clydebank, Hamilton, and the Vale of Leven.
These sessions are suitable for any adult with hearing problems whose first language is English. Qualified tutors can help them and also people who already have some lipreading ability as the tuition provides much more than learning to lipread.
An understanding of the different types of deafness people can have, how that is caused and best managed is shared. Advice is given on effective use of hearing aids which are bone-anchored or cochlear implants as well environmental aids. Lots of different ways to improve communication skills will be communicated in the classes which run all year round.
It is worth checking before hand to arrange an appointment or discuss individual needs so that each person make the right choice of class. Contact Carol Grice, Hard of Hearing Services Manager by email:carol@deafconnections.co.uk or follow the link for more information: http://www.deafconnections.co.uk/HearOn-services-for-hard-of-hearing-people/lipreading-classes.html

AMEEN aim to be advocates.

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A new network has been set up to help reduce inequalities among people in minority ethnic communities.

Called Alliance Minority Ethnic Empowerment Network (AMEEN), it aims to provide advice and advocacy particularly in housing issues.

The brainchild of Sofi Parveen who is now Chairperson, and friends, it is designed to provide holistic support. Said Sofi: ‘Even though I speak fluent English, I found it frustrating not to be able to access the support I needed and to have to face inequalities in trying to find a job. This organisation will spearhead these issues. We aim to empower families from different cultures and backgrounds. By doing so we will make a powerful statement.’

Funded by Scottish Community Foundation, the group has a working base in Torrisdale Street in Govanhill. It has a drop in session in the nearby Larkfield Centre, Inglefield Street on Tuesdays from 1pm till 4pm and in St Ninian’s Episcopal Church, in Albert Drive, Pollokshields on Thursdays from 1pm till 4pm.

The volunteers who will provide the support for AMEEN clients will be trained and given personal development opportunities.

At the launch event, dramatised accounts of some real life experiences were acted out to show how advocacy can bring a suitable solution to sometimes difficult-to-handle problems.

Said Sofi: ‘Advocacy can play a powerful role in helping people resolve issues of unfair treatment or discrimination.’

Westminster MP Anas Sarwar, reaffirmed his commitment to helping disadvantaged communities in tackling inequalities. ‘He has been brilliant,’ said Sofi. ‘He understands the kind of inequalities we are confronting.’

MSP Hanzala Malik also attended the opening event. ‘He has expressed a supportive attitude,’ said Sofi.

The Housing Support Project aims to help families and individuals who are currently needing advice and support in housing matters. They will be offered free, independent, confidential and culturally sensitive help from AMEEN.

The organisation can be contacted on: mob 07403491660 or email:office@a-meen.org.uk Languages currently spoken include: Punjabi, Urdu, Arabic, Igbo and German as well as English.