New era starts for CCH in Maryhill

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The deal is sealed. City Treasurer Paul Rooney and CCH Board Chairperson Anna Dyer shake on the handover of the CCA building to the Trust.

A new era has started for Community Central Hall (CCH) in Maryhill Road. The Trust which runs it has been gifted the building by Glasgow City Council.

City Treasurer, Councillor Paul Rooney made the announcement today (Thursday 27 September 2012) during 35rd anniversary celebrations of the popular venue.  He said: ‘I’m delighted to be part of the decision to transfer the premises to CCH. The City Council will only do this where best practice is clearly seen and good management has an identifiable track record.’

He added: ‘This place is well known for the public inquiries – such as Stockline – held here. But it has an amazing level of users, workers and volunteers.’

Anna Dyer, Chairperson of the Trust Board which runs CCH, thanked Treasurer Rooney and said: ‘We have a new future to look forward to now because we can access more funding. This will keep the building in community use for future generations.’  She paid tribute to John Gray who, as a Strathclyde Regional Councillor more than 35 years ago, fought to retain the former church for the community.

At an evening reception for members and supporters of CCH Anna presented John with a silver salver to recognise his foresight and his fight.

A clearly delighted John told this website: ‘We were ecstatic 35 years ago when we got possession of the halls. There was a lot of support and a good committee. When the caretaker Jimmy Gordon handed over the big bunch of keys he said all the furniture had been taken away. I discovered the Council had a store full of furniture and got permission to take what we needed. With the Boys’ Brigade, the committee and a whole team of helpers, we made a lot to trips back and forward with two vans till we furnished the place.’ He said the first thing the committee did was double the wages of the caretaker.

An exhibition of past times and community activities is on display in the CCH. Built by subscription in the 1920s, it was used as a church until it became a Community Trust and registered charity 35 years ago.

The anniversary celebrations included a pacey variety concert hosted by Dave Anderson. ‘This is a fantastic facility,’ he told the audience in the Reid Hall. ‘I’ve been using it since I was a boy.’ Entertainment included a toe-tapping routine by pupils of LA Stage School which is one of the newest groups to make CCH their home. Maryhill Integration Network (MIN) provided two splendid sets. First up was a dance and music piece with adults and children singing lullabies from around the world. Later they gave a fashion show with the models dressed in beautiful outfits reflecting ethnic and antique costumes from a wide variety of countries sometimes re-interpreted to show the fusion of cultures.

The world’s longest running Scouts’ Gang Show – the Glasgow Gang Show – gave a harmonious preview of their own show which takes place in November. ‘We’ve been rehearsing in the CCH for 15 years because the facilities are so good,’ said their spokesman.

A seven strong Gospel choir with accompanying drummer from the Redeemed Christian Church of God which worships in the CCH, gave a non-stop praise session which had the power and the conviction of ten times their number.

Commented Dave Anderson at the end of their set: ‘That’s a far cry from the joyless Presbyterian church style I grew up in!’

As the night wore on and the audience decreased, the second half of the show moved to the CCH cafe. The stalwarts who remained had a brilliant treat from Dave Anderson himself. He played keyboard and sang to give a humorous insight into his own musical upbringing. ‘A song I wrote years ago is currently included in ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ thanks to Elaine C Smith remembering it,’ he told the appreciative audience as he sang it for them. With wit and humour, he brought the anniversary event to a happy close.

Friday 28 September was day two of the 35th anniversary celebrations with a children’s fun day complete with a real fire engine and a play bus, a community exhibition in the CCH and dancing to the Black Havana Diamond Band in the evening.

Community appointment in Easterhouse

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Wellhouse and Provanhall Community Trust in Easterhouse has appointed Katie Gould as their new community development assistant.

A local resident, Katie grew up in the Wellhouse area and credits the Trust’s ‘Back to Work’ and volunteering programmes for giving many people valuable life skills.

She said: ‘When I grew up there was very little like this available. People couldn’t find work if they didn’t have qualifications or experience and would turn to gang culture and crime.’ As her own children grew up, she encouraged them to take part in schemes such as the Hub Sports Football Academy. ‘This encouraged team work and community spirit from a young age,” she said. ‘Through such schemes, people learn new skills, are made aware of new opportunities, gain a better sense of self-worth and meet others in the same position as themselves.’

The Trust goes the step further and, in partnership with the John Wheatley College, can guide people to training and recognised qualifications as well as CV writing, interview skills and references from volunteering work.

Katie says volunteering is particularly valuable in giving people a good profile with potential employers, practical skills and a boost to self-esteem. ‘You see a real change in attitude from people since the Hub’s services and volunteer opportunities came into place.’ said Katie. ‘People are much more optimistic about the future and feel they can make a difference.’

This mirrors her own experience of working with the Trust as a volunteer, gaining knowledge, skills and confidence and moving into work. ‘The Trust helps you get ILA funding for courses and teaches you skills that make you more valuable to employers,’ she added.

Now her hope is that young people in the district can be encouraged to take part in volunteer and community schemes run by the Trust to help them achieve their best.

The Trust offers a wide range of volunteer and work experience programmes to help people into work, improve skills or simply help others around them who need support.

For more info see website:

Twitter: www.wellhousect

Facebook Wellhouse Provanhall Community Trust

Or contact : Wellhouse Housing Association, The Hub, 49 Wellhouse Crescent, Glasgow G33 4LA Tel: 0141 781 1884

Fast track to Panto in the Baths

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If you can have an Art Exhibition in the Baths, why not a Panto?!

Work on re-developing the inside front of the Govanhill Baths building is going so well that the space could be ready to welcome people who attend the unique Panto in the Baths on Friday 9 December.

The Citizens Theatre, as good neighbours of the Calder Street Baths building and its Community Trust and in association with the local Centre for Community Practice (CCP), aim to stage two performances that day – a matinee and an evening show.

And they are looking for VOLUNTEERS! ‘It could be performing or production or front-of-house roles,’ said Lisa Peebles, the Trust administrator. ‘We’d be delighted if anyone could find the time to help. They should contact Helen Ross, manager of the CCP on 0141 433 2999 or in the first place.’ And don’t forget to book your ticket for the Panto in the Baths too but via Lisa! See the website:

Just last month, the Trust received a grant of £400k from Historic Scotland to develop the first phase of the Baths building which will incorporate offices for the Trust and function space for events. The whole project will deliver a Wellbeing and community centre for the area in time.