Residents’ to quiz Network Rail on Queen Street Station plans

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 Network Rail intends to redevelop Queen Street Station.  Because of concerns expressed by local residents and surrounding businesses, a Network Rail presentation will take place in Glasgow City Chambers on Tuesday 15 April at 7 pm.  This will be hosted by the Merchant City and  Trongate Community Council.
Said Gerald Hirst, the Community Council Treasurer: ‘This promises to be an interesting event. The proposal

impacts on our built environment. There are possible temporary effects on vehicular and pedestrian circulation during the period. Network Rail are seeking input from and dialogue with, affected residents.’

Find out how to make a Zero Waste Society

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Anyone keen to create a Zero Waste Society is sure to find lots of help on Friday 22 November in the Community Central Hall at 292-316 Maryhill Road G20 7YE.

Some of the vegetables which have been grown through Maryhill Climate Challenge projects.

From 10am till 2pm that day a community re-useevent will be held there by Maryhill Climate Challenge (MCC) group.

Making raised beds from re-cycled materials, Maryhill Climate Challenge supporters have started towards Zero Waste.

Part of the European Week for Waste Reduction, the day will promote re-use and re-cycling of everything possible with the aim of hitting a Zero Waste Society soon.

Lauren Lochrie, is project officer for Food Cycle developments at Maryhill Climate Challenge. Along with her colleagues, she aims to improve health, reduce fuel poverty, improve biodiversity and improve the quality of the built environment through promoting a low-carbon lifestyle.

‘Our idea is to promote re-use and re-cycling to move towards a zero waste society,’ she said. ‘Along with the Glasgow re-cycling charity ‘The Reclaimer’ we’ll be providing textile printing and arts and crafts workshops. Local re-use organisations and charities have been invited to join us with promotional tables or give workshops.’

Among those who’ve taken up the invitation are Impact Arts, The Reclaimer and Pan African Arts. The event is free to the public.

A variety of craft activities will be on offer to make best use of materials to be re-used.

More information see: or The Reclaimer’s Facebook : –  and Maryhill Climate Challenge Facebook: