Another by-election in Glasgow

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Twelve candidates will contest the by-election in Shettleston ward 19 of Glasgow City Council on Thursday 5 December 2013. This follows the death of Councillor George Ryan in October.

Nominations have closed and the candidates are:

Charles Baillie, Britannica

Tommy Ball, Scottish Socialist Party – People Not Profit

Jamie Cocozza, Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Laura Doherty, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Alasdair Duke, Scottish Green Party

John Flanagan, No Bedroom Tax – No Welfare Cuts

Raymond McCrae, Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Victor Murphy, Scottish Christian Party ‘Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship’

Martin Neill, Scottish Labour Party

James Speirs, Scottish Liberal Democrats

Arthur Misty Thackeray, UKIP

James Trolland, Scottish Democratic Alliance

The by-election will be run on the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system and the count will take place in Wellshot Hall, 350 Wellshot Road, Glasgow G32 7QR.

Electors have until 5pm on 19 November 2013, to apply for a postal vote. Those who cannot vote in person have until 5pm on 26 November 2013, to apply for a proxy vote.

Application forms are available from the Electoral Registration Officer on 0141 287 4444 or on Glasgow City Council’s website under: Elections and Voting

Govan keeps up the fight against Aids

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Councillor Flannigan joined Reverend Michael Angley Ogwuche of Glasgow's Jubilee Social Centre at the Pierce Institute for World Aids Day

Councillor Flannigan joined Reverend Michael Angley Ogwuche of Glasgow's Jubilee Social Centre at the Pearce Institute for World Aids Day

The community in Govan joined millions of people around the world on Wednesday 1 December to commemorate World Aids Day by raising awareness of a disease that afflicts 33.4 million lives worldwide.

At the Pearce Institute on Govan Road, members of the local community braved atrocious weather conditions to attend an event hosted by the Jubilee Social Centre. There they heard from Reverend Michael Angley Ogwuche of Govan’s Jubilee Social Centre, the international Christian charity, before watching a documentary investigating the Aids/HIV situation across Glasgow and the world.

Said Reverend Michael: ‘ It is important that on this most remarkable of health days we as a community do something. It is very important that people know that HIV and Aids is a problem that has not gone away.

‘There are 33.4 million lives affected by this disease across the world and over 6000 in Scotland. The problem is still covered in a shroud of stigma. As long as you live on planet earth then you need to be tested for Aids and HIV. We need to keep up the fight against the pandemic.’

The audience then watched a documentary, made by the Jubilee Social Centre, called HIV Reframed. It investigates Aids and HIV in the Glasgow community and tackles misconceptions and myths relating to the illness.

The film highlighted the difference between having HIV and being ‘Aids sick’ – the latter being the stage when symptoms are active in the sufferer.

John Flanagan, Councillor for Govan, also addressed the room, saying: ‘People should not discriminate through their misconceptions about HIV and Aids. Awareness should be promoted, it is a disease that continues to affect people across the word and within this city.’

Before finishing with refreshments for all, a minute’s silence was observed for all Aids/HIV sufferers around the globe, joining the million of others doing the same worldwide. The message of the event and documentary was this: Aids and HIV is associated with death, but to be educated is too know that long happy lives can still be enjoyed by people with this condition.

Hit the ground running and win a copy of Played In Glasgow

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played_in_glasgowFootball grounds, bowling greens, dog tracks, ‘doocots’, racecourses, blaes pitches, athletics tracks and swimming clubs; our city has had them all. Ged O’Brien’s book, Played in Glasgow, is a modestly-sized but mighty anthology that covers every sporting nook and cranny since Victorian times.
This is part of the superb Played In Britain series,  backed by Historic Scotland and English Heritage. The volume is subtitled ‘charting the heritage of a city at play’, and is a store of information for those of us who choose to look beyond the elegant stone facades, towering steel skeletons and pretty, manicured lawns.
Beyond Hampden Park, the home of Queen’s Park and Scotland’s international team, there are retrospectives on the homes of Rangers, Celtic, Partick Thistle, Clyde and the bullish ranks of Glasgow Junior football.
O’Brien also looks at the homes of the city’s many rugby teams and enjoys our rich bowling heritage, all recorded with excellent photography and detailed with the care of a first-class reference work.
Played In Glasgow has a section on swimming baths and clubs, from the elegant but forgotten municipal pools of the late 1800s to their 21st century heirs and the architectural wonders of the Western and the Arlington Baths clubs.
The book also strikes a nostalgic tone with a look at the city’s remaining red ash ‘blaes’ pitches and takes a flight into the world of the Glasgow pigeon fancier and their home-built doocots. Neither does it neglect cricketing heritage nor pass by the huge achievements of our many athletes over the years.
With one eye on Glasgow’s place as host for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, this book is a roadmap that shows us how far we have come, what we have won, what we have lost and hints at what could yet be.
A blend of social and cultural history and a treat with archive and modern photography, sometimes evocative and occasionally controversial, Played In Glasgow is an essential addition to the book collection of anyone who has an eye for their city’s sporting heritage.

LOCAL NEWS GLASGOW has three copies of Played in Glasgow to give away.
For a chance to win your own copy, just write and tell us which football teams play their home games at Hampden Park.

Send your answers by email to Please put ‘PLAYED IN GLASGOW COMPETITION’ in the header field and remember your name, address and a daytime telephone number. You can also enter by snail mail, please write with your answer to Played In Glasgow Competition, Local News Glasgow, YAM Publications, Third Floor, 142 West Nile Street G1 2RQ. Don’t forget all your contact details.

This competition closed at 9am on Monday, May 24.